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SEEDS OF CHANGE Photographic Narrative Exhibition

Have you ever wondered about the little miracle a seed is? How such a tiny thing can produce the most incredible flora, from a small daisy all the way up to a giant tree, it can even inspire scientists with their powerless flight ingenuity. An Exhibition about some unusual aspects from nature.

Artist and photographer Clare Newton with the help from an RHS Bursary, traveled the length and breadth of the UK in search of intriguing aspects about seeds. Discovering Cyber seeds and Dandidrones or finding out about the umbilical cord of connections between mother plants and their offspring. A scientific team from Queens University Belfast, have calculated a mathematical equation for a plant’s process of germination and converted it to make a computer code. This code will later be able to grow anything from a bicycle made of local materials such as bamboo to a giant bridge.

Another project inspired by the powerless flight of seeds. A scientific team in Edinburgh University have first discovered the secrets of long distance flying. ; by using a high-speed camera to record micro-particles of smoke, illuminated by a laser light, it revealed a circular airflow occurred above the pappus of the dandelion called ‘separated vortex ring’.

Ever seen a 56 million year old seed? Even today its living relative has stories. At the Heritage Seed library, people all around the country have been sending in their family’s heirlooms, many of which have a story to tell.

“Percy Parker (Phaseolus vulgaris) Our donor was given these seeds by a friend who had, in turn, been given the beans by Percy Parker himself. Percy had grown this variety since World War Two in Barcombe, East Sussex. Unfortunately, Percy passed away, but his name lives on in this lovely bean."

The artist photographer Clare Newton brings these stories to life with extraordinary art of photography, in a new exhibition held at Gilbert White's House & Gardens Opening Date: 06 Jun 23 until 28 Aug 23 Address: The Wakes, High Street, Selborne, Hants GU34 3JH T: 01420 511275

Open daily Tuesday to Sunday 10:30am to 4:30pm

RHS Wisley - Talk 11th July 2pm Hilltop Live series of free talks, demonstrations and interactive sessions at RHS Garden Wisley, GU23 6QB.

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