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Colour of Silence by Clare Newton
the curious truth about nature

“Colour of Silence, speaks of the mutually

inclusive relationship between energy (aka the vibrancy of light/colour) and space (aka receptive void/stillness/darkness/ translucence) from which the diversity of the natural world manifests”

Our human appreciation of the natural world and its processes has been diminished during recorded human history by a feeling of self-dislocation from one another and our surroundings, which results in profound psychological, social and environmental harm and conflict. Only now are many of us waking up to the impoverishment and endangering of our Earthly homelands that has accompanied our rush for technological progress.  

By combining imagery of natural beauty with that of devastation, The Colour of Silence shows both ‘paradise lost’ and the possibility of ‘paradise regained’ through a more truly enlightened awareness of our human place in nature, not as controllers but as included inhabitants of a richly varied planetary scene that is for all we know unique in this universe.

Dr Alan Rayner Pioneer of Natural Inclusion Theory

Order direct and get your copy signed by the artist author

Publisher: Happy London Press 
ISBN: 9781912951031 
Number of pages: 160 
Weight: 600 g 
Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 18 mm

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