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Latest News: Colour of Silence featured in nine magazines

It is very exciting to say that seven magazines have featured my new book Colour of Silence.

“The beautiful thing about photography is that it focuses our attention with greater immediacy. It captures a moment in the world so easily missed as our heads are buried into our phones even when we walk." 

Colour of Silence is the work of a photo-artist on a mission: to make us witness and reassess the destruction and degradation of the nature around us and to reposition our relationship with it. By using the art of her photography, Clare Newton, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, makes the natural world bewitchingly visible in both its beauty and its truth.

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PH21 has selected new work by Clare Newton

PH21 Gallery for contemporary photography, established in 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. Each Quarter The gallery selects art photographers from around the world.  Works by Clare Newton was chosen amongst 20,000 applicants to be exhibited in the show called:

Personality: Contemporary Portraiture
March 10 – April 2, 2022


PH21 Gallery:

55 Ráday St.




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