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Journey of art

Clare Newton FRSA has built an impressive reputation over a number of years for staging large scale photographic art exhibitions of unusual, but fascinating, subjects. Her ‘Jump4London’ was a 2-year photographic record of thousands of individuals having their personal images captured in a kilometre-long, multi- sponsored, public installation that won her a Guinness World Record.

         The 6-metre high Olympic and Paralympic Wall installation commissioned by ExCeL London, celebrated the venue’s outstanding contribution to the 2012 London Games, being the largest single venue in modern Olympic history. Her most recent Canary Wharf Group-sponsored exhibition, a precursor to her Buckingham Museum event, drew many people to the ‘Spirit of Legends’ installation in the CrossRail Roof Gardens in the late summer of 2016, before it headed, in part, to the Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injuries Unit.

       Newton’s continued contribution to large-scale public art has recently been recognised by the Royal Society of Arts, where she has become a Fellow of the Society.

My Philosophy

"My work aims to change perceptions of conventional ‘stills’ photography and engage the public to experience a new way at looking at the photographic image, each subject vies for understanding. This is important for us to visualise a story that personally affects our understanding as well as

recognise the facts as achievements, because through recognition it also empowers us too, influencing the way we think about ourselves and our environment.”

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