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Making Art Question Life

Art has an important role to play and that is by raising issues which have become labeled as fake news. Conceptual art photography for which the idea behind the work becomes most important.

Conceptual art photography for which the idea behind the work becomes the most important.
Colour of Silence: Scream#5

Colour of Silence: Scream#5

As a society with food and goods at our finger tips have we lost the sensitivity to waste in the wrong place?

During the Colour of Silence project I researched into why we discredit scientists by using the words 'Fake News'. What I found really helped to understand the denial that influential people use to discrete years of research and academics have been invested in. In 1952 when science first discovered that cigarettes cause cancer meant that tobacco companies would collapse. So in order to protect their business they employed clever PR companies to counter the argument. The plan was to raise doubt in the research - make people question the results and so disbelieve the proofs because they don't understand the consequences. It is this doubt - making which causes the denial of climate change - not because it doesn't exist but

“A state of half-ignorance and half-indifference is a much more pervasive climate sickness than true denial or true fatalism.” David Wallace-Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming
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