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Colour of Silence

The curious truth about nature


Photographic art book to stimulate questions on nature.


This widely respected photographer artist, Clare Newton uses her intriguing and unusual photographs to explore the wonders of nature. “Art has a vital role to play in our sense of well-being through immersion in the natural world by enhancing our awareness of the diversity of life that abounds there.”     


Colour of Silence presents a visual experience of mindfulness and an escape through photographic art into the calming effect of nature on our sense of wellbeing.

Clare Newton’s new book is an antidote to our feelings of nervousness at times of moderate stress. She reconnects us with the Rhythms of Life in the natural world, acting as a form of reflective meditation to help us quieten the fear and anxiety of our human emotions.


The perception of the superiority of one life form over another, and in particular of humanity over the remainder of the natural world, may well have contributed in no small way to the environmental predicament that confronts us today.     


Alongside Newton’s images, runs another narrative: Could there be a different way of perceiving nature and our human place within it with fresh eyes, untainted by past preconceptions? Can her unassuming photographer’s eye help to show life as it actually is, not as we might imagine or desire it to be?     


This book does not shy away from the hard realities of, or attempt to glamorise, the climate discussion. It modulates the voices, pensive, concerned, engaged or ignoring to create the colours of silence. The Colour of Silence is about mindfulness and a clear-focused look at life on Earth, contemplating the curious truth about nature.


Mat Velvet Sumptuous Coffee table book

160 pages

96 Colour plates

240 x 240mm size


Author and Photographer Clare Newton FRSA


Six contributors - Specialists in their fields of nature


Published by

Colour of Silence by Clare Newton

SKU: 001
  • Sumptuous Coffee Table book

    Hardback with a mat velvet soft touch jacket

    240 x 240 mm size

    Printed onto Premium Mat art 170 GSM heavy weight paper

    Limited run artbook

    ISBN: 978-1-912951-03-1

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